Kristen Shaw

Kristen Shaw, owner of Cabin started cutting her own hair when she was 13-14 years old in rural Illinois because she was curious and couldn’t get the cuts she wanted. It became something that was second nature, something you do for fun. She went to college for theater and painting, but left shortly after starting because she wanted to get to work and create things. She then moved to Chicago and spent time at a barbershop near Aveda, where she studied. The barber and his wife encouraged her to get out of town and go further, and suggested NYC. She did just that, and the rest is history.

She took her scissors in her purse everywhere she went for dinner, to parties and bars in NYC...anywhere there could be someone who she could ask if she could make his or her haircut better. Kristen refined her skills at Suite 303—a salon in the Chelsea Hotel—learning from April Barton, and was offered a platform to take a lot of risks in the hair game. 

Given the nature of the hotel, they had interesting, eclectic  clients and friends, a couple of whom gave her the first chance at being on set.  The first shoot she did was in 2008 for Interview Magazine. She liked the freedom so much that she left New York to cut hair on a road trip through the states to see where it took her. When Kristen landed in LA, she began to freelance and she's been represented by the renowned agency, Jed Root (and prior to that, The Magnet Agency for two years) for the past three years with representation in NYC and LA. Most of Kristen's clients are in the entertainment industry and span across a variety of loyal and inspiring actors, musicians, directors, and producers. She now works at this shop she started, Cabin West in LA, at Suite 303 in NYC, and freelancing with her private clients. 

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Naomi Knights

Naomi Knights is known for coloring hair from the blondest of blondes – to the craziest of colors – to color so natural you’d never know it was done by the hands of a human. Her work can be seen in numerous fashion and culture magazines such as Vogue, Spin, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine, and more.  Color, art, music, fashion, and people are the source of inspiration, paired with the constant desire to share that inspiration through teaching and taking clients. Her love for the collaboration of music and hair has sparked the attention of musicians such as  P!NK, Semi Precious Weapons, Fischerspooner, Sophie and The Boms Boms, LoveFoxxx , and MNDR.

Naomi began her career in her native home of Los Angeles. Feeling the need to get out of her 'small town', she took her passion to London, Paris, and Italy, for continuing education and since that time, has spent 20 years honing her craft in both NYC and LA. After completing her training abroad, Naomi focused strictly on teaching for the first few years. She then settled in NYC, working in the color department of ION studio, teaching and expanding her clientele to include the likes of those in the fashion and music industry, as well as top models in NYC, while still maintaining her initial client base in LA. She began teaching for Davines in 2000, and is now a part of the exclusive Davines Artistic Team.

Naomi now works and primarily resides in LA with her new family, traveling to NYC to take
clients as needed, as well as accepting special guest teaching spots around the country. 

“I work to reveal who we are, not who others perceive us to be.”  

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Dani Havkin

Danielle Havkin is one of Los Angeles best hair colorists with a loyal client base. After starting her career by learning from mentors such Tracy Cunningham at Meche, and George P., Dennis De Souza and Christopher Pierce at Andy Lecompte Salon, Danielle went looking for a more laid back hair salon, but one that still provided the highest level of quality.

Using the French freehand technique balayage, Danielle is an expert at creating natural sunkissed colors that look like you have spent a summer in Brazil instead of an hour at a hair salon. Her looks require minimal maintenance and the ulta-natural coloring technique results in effortlessly exotic, sun-strewn strands. “True art is in simplicity,” says Danielle. “I create vivid, flattering hues that have won me some serious long lasting relationships with my clients.”


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Courtney Dolin

Courtney has genuine love of creating beautiful things.  She appreciates the art of hairstyling and has spent more than 15 years mastering both modern and classic styles.   She mixes creativity with precision to create hairstyles that start and stay beautiful with minimal styling.
After attending the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, Courtney has spent most of her career working as a Stylist and Director of Education in Beverly Hills.  She has styled hair for Fashion, Film and Publication and has inspired stylists across the country as a stage artist for a major L'Oreal line.
 She believes that 'Once you know all the rules, you know when you can break them' to create exactly what you want.   She's a seeker with a case of wanderlust and finds inspiration on the streets of this wild world.

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Dana Duffy


Trae Austin

Guest Stylists:

Sarah Spratt


Sarah knew fashion and haircolor would be a part of her life from the time she started coloring and styling her friends’ hair at her home as a teenager. After starting a clothing line that was sold in Barneys Co-op and boutiques around the world, Sarah had the opportunity to create wigs for sculptor Charles Ray, reigniting her passion for hair and eventually landing her at Ion Studio studying hand painted Balayage highlights and editorial color with Lena Ott.  After working there for several years she has now landed as Senior colorist at Rheanne White in Tribeca. She has recently signed with The magnet Agency and worked on several new film projects with Heather Graham (My Dead Boyfriend)  and fun color on indie film Free The Nipple. 
Hip, ever-present, artistic from natural to creative color.
Balayage and creative hair color